Medicaid Assisted Funeral

To arrange a Medicaid Assisted Funeral, contact us for an appointment with our funeral home. Explain to one of our funeral directors that the deceased is eligible for a Medicaid Assisted Funeral. The funeral director will contact the county board of social services to confirm the deceased qualifies for Medicaid Assistance.

The funeral home may ask you to sign a promissory note, to secure payment, in the event that the deceased doesn't qualify for a Medicaid Assisted Funeral. If the payment request is rejected, the funeral home will bill you for the balance in addition to any unpaid supplementation amount.

Cemetery and funeral home charges are separate. After the services, the funeral home will submit a bill for up to $2,246 to the county board of social services. The cemetery will submit for a maximum payment of $524. You may contribute a maximum of $1,570 toward the funeral expense.

Medicaid Assistance Package (Cremation)* $2,246.00

For your convenience, we have designed a welfare package below that offers a variety of funeral goods and services. This package includes:

1.     Professional Services of the Funeral Director and Staff
2.     Embalming
3.     Dressing, Casketing, Cosmetology
4.     Transportation from place of death to Funeral Home & Funeral Home to the crematory
5.     2 hours of visitation at the Funeral Home open to the public or private
6.     Rental Casket & Alternative Container 
7.     Necessary Permits required for Cremation
8.     One Death Certificate 

 *This Price does NOT include the cost of certain cash disbursement items such as newspaper notice fees,  additional copies of death certificates or any other items not specifically stated as being in the package price. You may contribute a maximum of $1,570 toward the funeral expense.

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